Model 2000 NR

The Model 2000NR is designed to apply front and back labels to non-round and round bottles at speeds up to 300 bpm. By adding our Wrap Station Assembly, the 2000NR can also apply single- wrap labels or front and back labels to round bottles.
Conveyor speeds and label application are controlled through the use of state-of-the-art motion controls, stepper motors and servos. An operator controlled Touch Screen Interface insures ease of operation and convenience.
With Feed Screw infeed as a standard, the precision of the label placement is incredible. Servo driven Labeling Heads insure repeatability and accuracy of both the starting and stopping of the web. The Model 2000NR is equipped with our “Autoset” function which allows the machine to measure the label length, the bottle diameter and calculate the appropriate timings. Up to 100 settings can be stored as recipes and retrieved later.
If you are looking for accuracy and dependability in a production labeler, this machine is for you!

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