Model 2000 NW

The model 2000NW is designed for packages as simple as a single wrap label on a round bottle and as complex as a front, back, and neck label application. All speeds are synchronized to a maximum of 2000 inches per minute.The 2000NW has many new and redesigned features. 
It has servo driven, twin feed-screws with an added feature that resets the “home” position that is so important for proper container control. The “homing” feature also allows for a quick change over from one package to another. The dancer arm has been redesigned to keep regular tension on the web to increase accuracy. It has a new and improved Pinch Grip mechanism.
The state-of-the-art gap sensor includes a new “teach button” that actually teaches the machine to read the label gap automatically. This means that reading transparent labels is as easy as reading opaque ones.
The model 2000NW is a production labeler designed for accuracy and dependability as well as competitive labeling speeds. It’s a new class of Pressure Sensitive Labelers!

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