Paradigm 700 NW

The model 700NW is a fully automatic labeler especially designed to be an easy machine to operate. It comes with a self-teaching label gap sensor for uncomplicated, trouble-free set up. Our new pinch grip design simplifies the way the web is threaded through the machine.

Even though the 700NW Labeler is simple in its operation, the label application is still excellent. The machine has a high rate of consistency to 1/32” and a top speed of 1200 ipm. It is designed for non-round containers from 1” to 5” in thickness and for labels from 1” to 4 ½” tall and from 1” to 12” in length. It is capable of applying front, back , and neck labels to round containers, with the addition of a wrap station. Standard features on the model 700NW Include the top hold-down belt, aligning belts for infeed, an ultra-fast PLC and accurate stepper-driven labeling applicators.

Options such as label coding, extra tall label application, and a wrap belt for round containers make the 700NW versatile as well as easy to operate, with easy and quick changeovers and up to 99 saved recipes.

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