Paradigm 700 TopDown/BottomUp

The Paradigm 700 labeling Applicator can be combined with appropriate conveyors to create an Automatic labeling Machine for applying labels from the top down onto a horizontal surface, from below onto the bottom of a container, or both.

Conveyors for these applications are specified based on the product being labeled. The selection of a belt, chain, or banded conveyor is usually dictated by the characteristics of the product. Additional factors to consider include how the product will be controlled as it travels through the machine, the product’s physical weight, and shape.
The conveyor for top down application will generally be low profile in nature. Bottom up applications generally require two conveyors placed end-to-end allowing the label to be applied as the product transitions from one conveyor to the other.Stepper motors and conveyor encoders are used to provide extremely accurate label placement. The Label applicators are mounted on linear motion 
supports so that fine adjustment of the label across the conveyor is easily achieved.

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Top Down/Bottom Up Gallery

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