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In-Line Labeling Equipment, Inc. was incorporated in 1994 as the result of the acquisition of the complete product line of Meyer World CM Labelers. Since their inception in the 1960's, this line of continuous motion cold glue labelers set the standard and many remain in use today. We continue to support the Meyer World line with replacement parts and rebuild or remanufacturing services.

To bridge the gap to pressure sensitive labelers we introduced our line of Pressure Sensitive labeling equipment in 1996. Today, we offer a complete line of pressure sensitive labelers from our tabletop model to our Duro 4.5 labeling head which excels at labeling cases, cartons or trays and can be mounted on a stand with top-down or side labeling capabilities. The model 680 is an entry level, fully automatic labeler priced for little more than most Semi-Automatic machines.

Our 1200SP model is designed for round bottles and utilizes a spin-in-place labeling process which is ideally suited for full wrap or front/back labeling (both labels from one web). A pneumatic gripper and the top hold down carefully control the container during label application ensuring superb label placement with no skew. Actual label orientation can even be indexed to a bottle feature such as a handle, pump, etc.

The model 1000 is specifically designed to provide an affordable, entry level labeling machine which is capable of handling a variety of labeling requirements. It is a single headed machine that incorporates our Duro 4.5 labeling head in combination with a conveyor and spin belt application process. The model 1000 can apply full wrap labels onto round bottles or a single label onto a flat bottle. The 1000 Feedscrew, 1000 Feed Screw, 1000 Vacuum Gate, and 1000 Meheen are variations of the standard model 1000 Pressure Sensitive Labeler and are designed for special applications.

For front/back labeling we offer the models 1500NR, 2000NR, and 2000NW. The 1500NR  has twin labeling heads, bottle orienter and top belt. The 2000NR and 2000NW have Feedscrew in-feed for precise spacing and orienting.  These excellent labelers are capable of one or two sided labeling of round, square or rectangular containers and can apply full wrap labels to round or square containers.  Speeds range from 150 to 300 containers per minute depending on label length and application.

In-Line Labeling Equipment's wide range of labeling solutions makes us uniquely capable of providing labeling equipment to satisfy almost any requirement. We are committed to continuing growth and a responsiveness to the requirements of an ever changing industry!

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