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Efficient: The Model 700 NR has all variable speed conveyor, wrap station, top belt, and label speeds that come synchronized. Changeovers require no tools and take less than 10 minutes. The Panel consists of a main power switch and a Touchscreen operator interface which provides information and access to the label delay, label gap delay, batch count, speeds and more.

Modifications Available: The model 700 NR can be easily modified to apply labels up to 7½" tall and a wrap belt can replace the feed screw for round containers. A Hot Stamp Coder is available to code date and lot information on the label. A "Gallon" upgrade can be applied for containers up to 6½". An in-feed spacing wheel with a separate DC motor and locking casters can all be added on to the machine as well.


  • For more information on the Paradigm 700 NR Pressure Sensitive Labeler, view our brochure by clicking on the PDF link below.


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