Duro 4.5 Standard Labeler


Now there is a labeler available that can easily be moved from line to line to fill in when an in-line labeler fails or for any other need. If you have an existing conveyor system and want to add additional labeling capability the the Duro 4.5 Standard is your answer.

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680 Case Labeler


Our model 680 Pressure Sensitive Case Labeler is designed to be an entry-level, fully automatic labeling machine. In the design of the 680 Series, the focus was to manufacture labeling machines that would be truly user friendly. The 680 Case Labeler can apply labels to cases and cartons and accepts labels from 1" to 4 ½" high and from 2" to 12" long.

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Duro Print Apply


Our Duro Print and Apply System is a completely automatic machine that allows labels to be printed as well as applied on a product.  The labels can be blank or already partially printed.  Separate software packages design and load label formats into the Print Engine through the serial port.  As an option, reconfigured labels can be chosen from a list and downloaded into the print engine to be used.

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Print Apply Corner Wrap


In today's fast paced fast paced market with computer driven warehousing and shipping the need often arises to not only apply labels that are visible and readable from two sides of the same container but print important or time sensitive information on the label as it is being applied.

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Company News

In-Line Labeling OEM

In-Line Labeling Equipment also manufactures and supports a line of labeling machines known in the industry as Meyer World CM Labelers. The "CM" stands for the "continuous motion" of the bottles as th...

In-Line Labeling

If you have special labeling requirements or an unusual application, we are able to make design modifications that will meet your requirements. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Disco...
Welcome to In-Line Labeling Equipment, Inc.

In-Line Labeling Equipment, Inc. was incorporated in 1994 as the result of the acquisition of the complete product line of Meyer World CM Labelers. Since their inception in the 1960's, this line of continuous motion cold glue labelers set the standard and many remain in use today. We continue to support the Meyer World line with replacement parts and rebuild or remanufacturing services.

To bridge the gap to pressure sensitive labelers we introduced our line of Pressure Sensitive labeling equipment in 1996. Today, we offer a complete line of pressure sensitive labelers from our tabletop model to our Duro 4.5 labeling head which excels at labeling cases, cartons or trays and can be mounted on a stand with top-down or side labeling capabilities. The model 680 is an entry level, fully automatic labeler priced for little more than most Semi-Automatic machines.

In-Line Labeling Equipment's wide range of labeling solutions makes us uniquely capable of providing labeling equipment to satisfy almost any requirement. We are committed to continuing growth and a responsiveness to the requirements of an ever changing industry!



Training & Demonstration Gallery

Make sure to visit In-Line Labeling Equipment's official YouTube channel. You can review & watch the Model 1000 Labeler, Model 1000 Meheen Labeler and many others in action. Click to watch

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