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Infeed/Accumulation Tables

The Rotary Product Table is the perfect compliment to your production line. Placed at the end of the conveyor, it collects the product for easy casing. Converting it to an infeed table is as simple as adding the overhead rail.

The Rotary Product Table is constructed from the same steel and stainless steel used in our line of Pressure Sensitive Labelers.

The Rotary table is powered by its own 1/8 hp variable speed DC motor. This makes it completely independent of the labeler; allowing it to work with any machine, regardless of the speed.


  • Standard table size 36", 42", 48" diameter
  • Stainless steel construction for durability and ease of maintenance
  • Can be utilized to feed product to any machine or packaging line. It can also be utilized to accumulate products at discharge of any machine
  • Adjustable height from 32" to 34". Other heights available.


  • Overhead rail for product infeed

Specification Sheet:


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